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Dr. Bill Owen's Calendar

Start End Location Sponsor Meeting
1/15/15 1/15/15 Internet Gilead webconference: Stribild speaker update
1/20/15 1/20/15 San Francisco Gilead lecture: HIV Diagnosis & Linkage to Care at SE Health Center
1/21/15 1/21/15 Internet U Nebraska webconference: Simply Speaking speaker update
1/23/15 1/24/15 Atlanta BMS conference: Distinguished Faculty Speaker training
2/23/15 2/27/15 Seattle IAS-USA CME: 22nd Conference on Retroviruses & Opportunistic Infections
3/23/15 3/23/15 Internet Gilead webconference: CROI update
4/1/15 4/1/15 San Francisco Gilead lecture: HIV & Timing of ART Initiation for PFMA physicians
4/2/15 4/2/15 Sausalito Gilead ad board: PrEP
5/7/15 5/17/15 San Francisco Schlesinger marketing: Zetia
5/13/15 5/13/15 San Francisco ViralEd CME moderator: EASL update with Dr. Maurizio Bonacini
5/14/15 5/14/15 San Francisco BMS lecture: Evotaz for HIV specialty pharmacists
5/19/15 5/19/15 Internet ViiV webconference: speaker training
5/21/15 5/21/15 San Francisco SlipChip marketing: point of care lab testing
5/30/15 5/30/15 Los Angeles BMS ad board: Collaborative Institute of Virology Regional Panel
6/4/15 6/4/15 San Jose BMS lecture: HIV Resistance for PACE Clinic
6/11/15 6/18/15 Philadelphia   high school reunion & family reunion
6/19/15 6/19/15 Los Angeles Gilead speaker training: HIV & The Body
7/16/15 7/16/15 San Mateo U Nebraska CME lecture: Simply Speaking-Towards a Cure
8/20/15 8/20/15 San Francisco Águias PEP e PrEP pra HSH (em português) no Centro LGBT na Market
9/1/15 9/1/15 San Francisco ViiV lecture: dolutegravir fosr SOMA Clinic Provider
9/10/15 9/10/15 San Francisco ViralEd CME moderator: hepatitis C in 2015 with Dr. M. Bonacini
10/28/15 11/16/15 Brazil   vacation: Brasilia, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo
Last modified: August 09, 2015